Terms and Conditions

WhatSender is not affiliated or a part of WhatsApp. WhatSender is an indipendent software developed just to facilitate sending whatsapp messages to your acquaintances / customers / friends / relatives from PC.

WhatSender is a PC Software “STAND ALONE”: all data will be stored exclusively on the PC in use without ever being Transmitted or Reachable by Our (and / or Third Party) Server or Other Online Systems. WhatSender does not therefore have access and / or any kind of responsibility  on your Data.

If the content of the senders’ messages is unsolicited “garbage” messages, the recipients can click ‘Block’ or ‘Report Spam’ and that can get the senders’ WhatsApp account suspended/banned.

WhatSender bears no responsibility for the content of any messages that are sent, the reception or reactions to those messages.

The pro version license has a duration of 1 year and, during this year, updates and priority support will be guaranteed.
The license can only be activated on one computer.
When the license expires, it will be automatically disabled and the customer will be offered a renewal at an affordable price.

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy because we offer a free trial version of the program where you can test all the features, i.e. manually import unlimited contacts and send unlimited messages.

License Agreement

Refunds against a license purchased from WhatSender’s website shall only be eligible for a refund if the license key has not been activated on any machine ever since date of purchase (the duration of which not exceeding more than 7 days). Transaction fees of INR  599 are non-refundable.


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